Roasted Pears & Shortbread Recipe




65g unsalted butter, room temperature

30g light brown soft or light muscovado sugar

75g plain flour

15g cornflour

Pinch fine sea salt



6 Conference pears(approx. 150g each)

2 small lemons

1 small orange

80ml honey

15g unsalted butter

2 tablespoon water

Crème fraîche, to serve



1. Cream the butter, sugar and salt together in a bowl for about one minute. Combine the plain flour and cornflour together well before adding to the creamed mixture and mixing to bring together. Chill before using.

2. Pat the mixture out onto a piece of baking parchment to a rectangle shape 16cm by 12cm.Place on a tray and chill for for 20-30 minutes, or until firm.

3. In a bowl, squeeze 1 lemon and add enough cold water to eventually cover the pears. Peel the pears and place into the bowl as you go. With a peeler, peel 3-4 strips on both the remaining lemon and orange. Squeeze both and add the juice to a small saucepan along with the peel, honey, butter and 2 tablespoons of water. Heat to just dissolve the butter.

4. When the shortbread dough is firm, prick all over with a fork and cut into 6 rough squares.

5. Remove the crisper plates from both drawers. Arrange the pears lying down in the Zone 1 drawer. Pour all the juice and honey mixture over them then insert drawer in unit. Place shortbread biscuits in Zone 2 drawer, making sure to leave space around them then insert drawer in unit.

6. Select Zone 1, turn the dial to select ROAST, set temperature to 190°C and set time to 40 minutes. Select Zone 2, turn the dial to select BAKE, set temperature to 150°C and set time to 35 minutes. Press the dial to begin cooking.

7. Carefully give the pears a turn and baste 2 to 3 times whilst they are cooking. Check with point of knife if soft, if necessary roast them for longer.

8. Remove the shortbread from the drawer with silicone spatula and place them on a rack to cool. The cooking juices can be reduced in a saucepan to desired consistency if necessary. Serve the pears and shortbread with crème fraîche.

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